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In our unique take on tower defense, you'll explore islands and harvest their resources in order to repair ancient monuments — all while defending yourself from wave after wave of ruthless monsters.
Prototype gameplay features include:
  • Build defensive towers and man them with your NFTs.
  • Explore terrain, gradually revealing the full scope of the challenges that await.
  • Find and develop key resources to build support and defense structures.
  • Reveal ruined monuments and rebuild them to complete tasks.
  • Use Followers from InfiniMerge to accelerate building and man defenses.
Prototype Image: InfiniTowers (August 2022 Build)
Prototype Image: InfiniTowers (August 2022 Build)


Inspired by the strategy games played by 100s of millions of people across PC and mobile platforms, InfiniRealms is a unique take on the city-building genre, following in the footsteps of classics such as Civilization, Clash of Clans, Pharoah, and Age of Empires.
Players can accrue Followers, Gods, and other characters by playing both the grand strategy and the games leading up to it.
  • Build a unique civilization based on one of the four core pantheons.
  • Construct temples to your Gods to activate unique civilization level-powers.
  • Employ Heroes to defend your empire.
  • Send Villains and Monsters to attack other empires.
  • Stake characters and resources as part of grand efforts to build civilization-defining monuments.
  • Fund expeditions to discover unknown lands for trade, conquest, or exploitation.
Concept Art July 2022

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Playtime is over. Take your gods to wage war in the InfiniArena.
  • Face off against waves of opponents including other players' gods.
  • Stake your own Gods to participate in InfiniArena battles.
  • Unlock treasures and rewards for surviving waves of battle.
  • Decide when to leave the arena and when to risk it all for even greater glory.