The InfiniMerge Flywheel

InfiniGods' Player-Owned Economy
Ark (ERC-1155) holding 20 Followers
The InfiniMerge Flywheel is designed to establish a player-owned economy at the center of the InfiniGods Universe.
Players will compete daily to earn off-chain utility tokens called 'Followers' (power-ups). These power-ups can be used in-game to create merges, destroy pieces, or replenish the power of your Elder Gods — and ultimately, power higher scores and leaderboard rankings.
  • Once a player has collected enough Followers they may choose to visit the 'Shipwright' to forge an 'Ark' (ERC-1155). This allows players to put Followers on-chain and enables trading on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea.
  • Conversely, players that hold Arks can visit the Shipwright and break them down into Followers for use in-game.
Through Followers and Arks, players are given ownership over consumables and power-ups – and can trade them freely as they see fit.